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What if you could use secret insider tactics of world class coaches to make systematic, rapid strides in your Baseball coaching and team's success.

In just 28 days our Inner Circle members see:

  • Their team having the most fun they've ever had, while getting real winning results
  • Decreasing coaching related stress and making coaching joyous again
  • Players who you thought had no hope, making huge progress and bringing up the team as a whole
  • Finally gained the full respect of their kids, parents and opponents





Relax, your Coaching Success is now on Autopilot

Baseball Inner Circle is a low-cost monthly subscription where every month we provide a brand new online video clinic, as well as audio materials, PDF's, study guides and diagrams of drills and plays.

No more stressful last minute scouring the web for ineffective and outdated drills...

No more worrying if you're teaching the right information for your team...

No more wondering why your team is advancing at a snails pace...

Just sit back and every month we provide all you need for that months training.

You'll have your competition in the dust as you'll now have the freshest Baseball coaching lessons, tactics, drills and plays month in, month out.

The Best Coaches On The Planet In Your Backpocket

You'll get all the juicy insider secrets from world class Baseball Coaches such as:

  • And much, much more
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Major Paul Hamel

Before using this resource, my biggest problem was teaching my son to catch balls. Today, my son is one of the top players on his team! The system includes drills for any age group, and many related to the age of the kids on my son’s team.

Major Paul Hamel Red Sox, Las Vegas, Nevada
Joe Tesorero

Overall, I liked the variety of drills that I learned. This made practices much more fun. We now have competition games at every practice that energized the kids. All volunteer coaches could benefit from coaching help. I have even suggested the league invest in this type of online instruction for all the coaches.

Joe Tesorero Novi HEAT 13U Travel Baseball Club, Novi, Michigan

What's Included in Baseball Inner Circle?

1st Month Includes...

Video Clinic #1: "Total Hitting"

Your first instructor in this package is none other than Steve Cramblitt... ABCA National High School Coach of the Year... and probably the country's number one authority on hitting mechanics for youth and high school players.

In just 14 years as a head coach, Cramblitt has captured a staggering TEN state championships, rolling to more than 362 victories along the way.

Over the years, he's developed an incredible "training blueprint" that produces high quality hitters season after season.

And after almost 2 decades of testing and tweaking, he's finally blowing the lid of his system and revealing it to the world!

  • 4 things you MUST know before selecting a bat for your players
  • A common mistake kids make that instantly bleeds power and speed out of the swing. HINT: this embarrassing flub occurs BEFORE he walks into the batter’s box
  • How to create "dynamic balance" with a simple belly button alignment trick
  • Exactly how far a batter should stand from the plate
  • How to increase bat speed by up to 37% with a simple 2-inch bat position adjustment
  • How to develop rock-solid mental toughness in your hitters... without screaming, yelling, or using mind games.
  • And much, much more...

Video Clinic #2: "Baseball Pitching Drills"

The second clinic comes to you by the late Bob Bennett, one of the most accomplished (and respected) guys to ever set foot on a Baseball field. In 34 years at Fresno State, he posted an incredible 1,302-759 record... the 7th most wins in college Baseball history!

Bennett guided the Bulldogs to a mind-boggling 17 conference championships and 21 NCAA Tournament berths... took two different teams to the College World Series... and won 14 Coach of the Year awards along the way.

Over the years, he developed an incredible knack for breaking down pitching mechanics, spotting errors, and using laser-targeted drills to get rapid improvements.

  • How to build rock solid strength, stability and balance using a nifty "One-Foot Hop Drill." Immediately translates into more velocity on your fastball
  • A simple little "Fence Drill" that ensures your pitchers don't open up early
  • 7 simple steps to pro-level pitching mechanics. So easy to learn, your pitchers will master this in just one practice
  • A huge error young pitchers make that instantly robs them of 22-30% of their velocity. Plus… a simple "Knee-Pad" technique that immediately corrects it!
  • And much, much more...

Video Clinic #3: "Top 10 Hitting Drills"

Clinic #3 is another gem from Steve Cramblitt. Inside, you’ll discover the ten most effective drills for developing bat speed, pitch perception and power. You’ll also learn exactly how to structure your batting practice sessions, including specific guidelines for sets, repetitions, and drill variety.

  • How to develop Dynamic Balance and a smooth swing sequence using a little-known "Dry Drill"
  • A simple drill that teaches young players to transfer power from the lower body and core into the swing
  • A jealously guarded technique that will transform dribbling ground balls into screaming line drives… almost effortlessly
  • A rarely used (yet extremely effective) "half bat" drill that trains players to control the bat through the entire hitting zone.
  • And much, much more...

Video Clinic #4: "Total Baseball To Give Your Team The Edge"

Clinic #4 comes to you by Jeff Mercer, professional MLB scout and a former championship coach at the high school and college levels. It's jam-packed with 17 all-new, stunningly effective drills and techniques for throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and baserunning.

Everything you need to run a successful practice and build fundamental skills with your players. And it's all explained with step by step instructions and live demonstrations by real youth and high school players… so the entire system is simple and easy to learn.

  • How to add an extra 2-4 mph in throwing velocity... just by using a simple "glove tuck" technique
  • The absolute best way to help your fielders overcome fear of the ball
  • A simple 3 step process that teaches your fielders to throw the ball with sizzling speed and unbelievable precision
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake outfielders make. This common footwork error gives baserunners an extra 6-12 foot advantage.
  • And much, much more...

Here is what this is all worth:

  • Video Clinic #1: Total Hitting (Worth $39.97)
  • Video Clinic #2: Baseball Pitching Drills (Worth $39.97)
  • Video Clinic #3: Top 10 Hitting Drills (Worth $39.97)
  • Video Clinic #4: Total Baseball (Worth $39.97)

1st Month is Worth $159.88

But you'll be getting it all for only $100 $50 $10

A measly $1

Then after the 1st month it's $100 $49 $29.95 a month

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Amazing Results from Coaches Across the Globe

Bill Trevena

The drills were easy to use, simple, and well organized. Our team batting average increased by close to 100 points over the previous season!

Bill Trevena Conrad Weiser Little League, Wernersville, PA
Doug Massey

With the help of the Youth Baseball Success System, my team’s improved skills enabled us to win a big tournament in Tucson, where our travel guys BEAT the Arizona State champions!

Doug Massey Sierra Vista Black OUT (13-U travel team), Sierra Vista, AZ
Daniel Flores

I picked up a lot of great ideas since I work with kids as young as four up through high school. The kids love the drills and I enjoyed how detailed they were. All of the drills were simple and very effective. Everything was easy to remember and take to the field.

Daniel Flores Ft Worth TX Little Yankees
Marty Jankowiak

I picked up a lot of great ideas since I work with kids as young as four up through high school. The kids love the drills and I enjoyed how detailed they were. All of the drills were simple and very effective. Everything was easy to remember and take to the field.

Marty Jankowiak Greendale Panthers, Greendale, WI

If you have any questions please contact us at support@baseballinnercircle.com