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If you're looking for a single, all-under-one-roof, one-stop-shop for legitimate, tested, unique and FUN baseball drills for rapidly building fundamental skills in your players… for transforming ordinary teams into extraordinary teams

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If you'd like to be personally mentored by the most respected, most accomplished, and most innovative baseball coaches on the planet… coaches who have actually won multiple championships at the high school, college and professional levels…

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Then, please -- stop whatever you're doing and listen closely. This could be the most important letter you'll read all year!Here's why.

In just a few moments, you're going to have a risk free opportunity to access FOUR all-new KILLER baseball coaching video clinics featuring over 71 wickedly effective drills you can take immediately to the field...

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This is going to get your coaching juices flowing like never before, and - once you learn these secrets - you'll be chomping at the bit to get out on the field and try this stuff with your team.

Now… you're probably saying to yourself right now "what's included in this package?" and "why on earth is Coach Kenny giving away all this stuff for just one dollar?"

Both good questions. And probably what I'd be asking myself right now if I were reading this letter.

Not to worry.

I'm going to walk you through everything that's waiting for you… all 4 video clinics packed with stunningly effective baseball drills and coaching tips… with no strings attached.

Here's What's Included

  • Total Hitting ($39.97 value)
  • Baseball Pitching Drills ($39.97 value)
  • Top 10 Hitting Drills ($39.97 value)
  • Total Baseball ($39.97 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $159.88
Your Price: One Dollar!

There's no "fluff" here. And no beating around the bush.

In each one of these videos, you're getting a world-class coach with a proven track record of success... blowing the lid off his favorite "insider" techniques and strategies for better baseball.

And there's no need to waste time experimenting with unproven strategies. Everything you'll learn has been pre-tested and approved by other Baseball Inner Circle members.

Simply watch these videos… teach the techniques to your kids (we'll show you how, using simple breakdown drills and step by step instructions)… then sit back and watch while your team dominates your competition and racks up more wins than you ever thought possible!

Okay, you're probably hungry for some more details... so let's go through each of these videos one by one.

Video Clinic #1

Total Hitting

Your first instructor in this incredible package is none other than Steve Cramblitt... ABCA National High School Coach of the Year... and probably the country's number one authority on hitting mechanics for youth and high school players.

In just 14 years as a head coach, Cramblitt has captured a staggering TEN state championships, rolling to more than 362 victories along the way.

Over the years, he's developed an incredible "training blueprint" that produces high quality hitters season after season.

And after almost 2 decades of testing and tweaking, he's finally blowing the lid of his system and revealing it to the world!

Here's a sample of what's included:

  • 4 things you MUST know before selecting a bat for your players (find this at 2:16 of the video)
  • A common mistake kids make that instantly bleeds power and speed out of the swing. HINT: this embarrassing flub occurs BEFORE he walks into the batter’s box (4:30)
  • How to create "dynamic balance" with a simple belly button alignment trick. This technique transfers power from the legs, through the core and into the arms and bat... for a silky smooth swing that sends the ball a mile!
  • Exactly how far a batter should stand from the plate (this secret really amazed me - 8:20)
  • 3 tips that will dramatically improve a hitter's chances in 2-strike situations (9:15)
  • A little-known “stance secret" that rattles opposing pitchers and literally FORCES them to throw balls (10:31)
  • How to teach the open stance, square stance, and closed stance... and exactly when your hitters should use each technique (11:30)
  • How to increase bat speed by up to 37% with a simple 2-inch bat position adjustment (12:48)
  • A front foot timing "trick" that generates explosive power... without changing anything about the swing itself! (14:33)
  • The common elbow mistake that results in a slow, weak swing … and exactly how to avoid it (15:45)
  • Successful young hitters use a "stride", "kick", or "tap" to begin the swing movement. We'll show you the advantages and disadvantages of each approach... and how to choose which technique works best for each player on your team (18:28)
  • How to develop a smooth, controlled swing that ensures the bat arrives "on time" (19:50)
  • How to generate massive hitting power using a simple "heel lift" technique (23:00)
  • A sneaky (yet totally legal) way to give your team a huge psychological advantage over pitchers
  • Why your hitters should NEVER bend at the waist (even when swinging at a low pitch - 25:02)
  • The TRUTH about rotational vs. linear mechanics... and which technique is REALLY best to teach your players (28:58)
  • 3 simple ways to reduce head movement and keep a hitter's eye on the ball (30:29)
  • How to develop a short, quick swing in 3 easy steps. (HINT: keep the hands as close as possible to the "power source" - 32:34)
  • A devastating swing mistake that nearly every young player makes (34:03)
  • How to keep the bat in the hitting zone for up to 55% longer... just by making a tiny swing path adjustment (35:01)
  • The 5 bunting techniques every coach should know... and exactly how to teach them to your players (35:43)
  • A wildly effective "square and drop" drill that helps kids learn to bunt into fair territory (36:37)
  • The absolute best footwork to use when laying down a sacrifice bunt (37:43)
  • How to control the speed, distance, and direction of a bunt. Simple coaching strategies that work for every level!
  • A sure-fire way to get your weakest hitters on base (47:48)
  • An incredible teaching technique that will help hitters pick up new techniques TWICE as fast! (HINT: every player has a different "learning style" - 51:11)
  • How to develop rock-solid mental toughness in your hitters... without screaming, yelling, or using mind games (52:51)
  • The single most important technique young hitters need to learn (53:33)

And a lot more. Click on the button below to access this complete video (plus 3 more) now! It's only a buck!

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Video Clinic #2

Baseball Pitching Drills

This next video comes to you from NCAA coaching legend Bob Bennett... one of the most accomplished (and respected) guys to every set foot on a baseball field.

In 34 years at Fresno State, he posted an incredible 1,302-759 record... the 7th most wins in college baseball history!

Bennett guided the Bulldogs to a mind-boggling 17 conference championships and 21 NCAA Tournament berths... took two different teams to the College World Series... and won 14 Coach of the Year awards along the way.

But where he really earned his respect was on the pitcher's mound.

Over the years, he developed an incredible knack for breaking down pitching mechanics, spotting errors, and using laser-targeted drills to get rapid improvements.

Get this -- of the 35 Fresno State players he's sent onto the Major Leagues, a full 19 of them were pitchers!

Inside "Baseball Pitching Drills" Bennett reveals his complete system for pitching success... over 25 amazingly effective drills for developing an explosive fastball, pin-point control, and supreme confidence on the mound.

Here's a small sample of what's included:

  • How to build rock solid strength, stability and balance using a nifty "One-Foot Hop Drill." Immediately translates into more velocity on your fastball! (find this drill at 3:41 of the video)
  • The #1 key to generating explosive power in the wind-up (6:56)
  • A simple little "Fence Drill" that ensures your pitchers don't open up early. Greg Maddux had this down pat - it's the reason he could paint the corners with laser-like accuracy! (9:22)
  • A HUGE leg lift mistake that sabotages your pitcher's throwing motion before he even releases the ball. Stop it now and tell your players to do this instead. (12:44)
  • Why your pitchers should ALWAYS finish the throwing motion with the heel turned over. This one trick alone adds an extra 6-7 mph on your fastball! (17:05)
  • 7 simple steps to pro-level pitching mechanics. So easy to learn, your pitchers will master this in just one practice! (22:35)
  • How to identify and correct common pitching mistakes using a little-known "rotation drill."(25:38)
  • A huge error young pitchers make that instantly robs them of 22-30% of their velocity. Plus… a simple "Knee-Pad" technique that immediately corrects it! (31:02)
  • The first thing your pitchers should do when they walk into the ballpark.Try this three times a week for a month, and you'll be throwing strikes with the precision of a laser-guided missile! (35:53)
  • An amazing "Shoestring Drill" that trains your pitchers to stay balanced and on alignment through the entire throwing motion. So they come "straight downhill" toward the plate with sizzling fastballs and jaw-dropping curves. (37:19)
  • A brilliant drill (invented by Nolan Ryan), that literally "programs" your pitchers to get maximum extension in the arms and chest. (39:31)
  • 3 simple ways to stop your pitcher from "over-striding." #3 will make you chuckle… but it might be the most important coaching point you'll learn in the entire video! (40:40)
  • What to do if your pitcher "opens" or "closes" his lead foot. All you need is a 4x4 plastic sheet or pad and 5 minutes of practice time. (43:42)
  • A mega-simple "coffee cup" trick that prevents your pitchers from dragging the back foot off the rubber. (45:30)
  • A "Broomstick Drill" some coaches would scoff at -- yet it improves your ACCURACY and SPEED like nothing you've ever seen! (47:24)
  • How to analyze your pitcher's mechanics with a cool little "Screen Drill." It's the next best thing to high-tech video analysis… yet all you need is a fence and 10 feet of space! (50:09)

And much, much more. Click on the button below right now to get instant access to all 4 videos - right over your computer screen!

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Video Clinic #3

Top 10 Hitting Drills

Also by Steve Cramblitt, "Top 10 Hitting Drills" is the perfect complement to your Total Hitting video.

Inside, you’ll discover the ten most effective drills for developing bat speed, pitch perception and power.

You’ll also learn exactly how to structure your batting practice sessions, including specific guidelines for sets, repetitions, and drill variety.

Some of what’s included:

  • The 3 factors that separate great hitters from the rest of the pack. These may surprise you! (2:07)
  • How to develop Dynamic Balance and a smooth swing sequence using a little-known "Dry Drill" (4:35)
  • A simple drill that teaches young players to transfer power from the lower body and core into the swing (6:00)
  • How to avoid a common mistake most coaches make when working with batting tees (9:45)
  • How to teach your hitters to “go with the pitch” and use all fields (14:15)
  • The absolute best drill to help your players learn to hit a curveball (16:15)
  • An amazingly effective 3-minute "hoop drill" that provides instant feedback on swing mechanics and timing (17:33)
  • A jealously guarded technique that will transform dribbling ground balls into screaming line drives… almost effortlessly (20:19)
  • How to cut your team strikeouts in half using a simple tracking and perception drill (22:22)
  • A rarely used (yet extremely effective) "half bat" drill that trains players to control the bat through the entire hitting zone (26:00)
  • The 8 most common hitting mistakes young players make... and EXACTLY how to correct them. You'll discover simple coaching tips to fix overstriding, lunging, wrist-rolling, and more! (32:09)

And a lot more.

Click on the button below to get instant access to this video, plus 3 more! Your investment is just one dollar!

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Video Clinic #4

Total Baseball

Your fourth video comes from Jeff Mercer -- professional MLB scout and a former championship coach at the high school and college levels.

It's jam-packed with 17 all-new, stunningly effective drills and techniques for throwing, catching, fielding, hitting and baserunning.

Everything you need to run a successful practice and build fundamental skills with your players.

And it's all explained with step by step instructions and live demonstrations by real youth and high school players… so the entire system is simple and easy to learn.

In no time at all, you can eradicate costly errors... transform your team into an offensive and defense powerhouse... and blow away your competition (no matter how much your kids are struggling right now!)

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn:

  • A simple 3 step process that teaches your fielders to throw the ball with sizzling speed and unbelievable precision (5:02)
  • How to add an extra 2-4 mph in throwing velocity... just by using a simple "glove tuck" technique (6:27)
  • The 5 steps to fielding a ground ball... and exactly how to teach this sequence to your players (8:50)
  • How to improve foot quickness, reaction time, and agility using a little-known "Texas Leaguer" drill (15:33)
  • The correct way to teach the Crow Hop... and how this one technique will dramatically improve your defensive performance (21:33)
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake outfielders make. This common footwork error gives baserunners an extra 6-12 foot advantage! (25:50)
  • The one hitting drill you should always begin your batting practice with (31:08)
  • How to develop lightning quick hands and killer bat speed using a simple "Whiffle Bat" drill (32:59)
  • How to get a massive number of swing repetitions in only 3-5 minutes per day. HINT: the key is a common item found at sporting goods stores for less than $5 (36:06)
  • The best way to train hitters to keep their hands inside the ball (37:14)
  • 2 fundamental baserunning techniques every coach should know (41:14)

And much more...

That's Over 3 Hours and 14 Minutes of Pure, Powerful Baseball Coaching Gold Delivered Right Over Your Computer or Mobile Device - Just 30 Seconds From Now!

It doesn't matter if you're a rank beginner who's never stepped on the field before… or if you've been coaching baseball all your life… I guarantee you'll find loads of all-new, stunningly effective drills that will immediately and permanently transform your baseball team into a dominating powerhouse!

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Why The Heck is Coach Kenny Giving Me $159.88 Of Killer Baseball Coaching Information For Just One Dollar?

It's really quite simple! I'm trying to get you "hooked!"

That's right. I'm shamelessly attempting to get you "addicted" to my Baseball Inner Circle program. Look, if the videos are as good as I say they are… if you really do see the immediate and permanent improvements in the way your team plays, you'd be silly not to continue, right?

Of course!!!

But on the other hand, if these videos don't deliver the goods, we don't deserve your money. It's as simple as that. This way you're the judge, jury, and - if need be - executioner.

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I've reviewed hundreds of coaching videos and personally selected the hottest topics from the best coaches on the planet... all geared to save you time, improve your players skills and help you win more games.

Once you see how much better your team plays… and how much easier and more enjoyable your coaching job is, we'll simply automatically charge you the lowest fee for ongoing Baseball Inner Circle membership - only $29.95 per month.

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If, at any time, you feel like you're not getting the results I’ve promised, just email me at support [at] and say "cancel" and it's done.

There are no hassles, no questions, and definitely no hard feelings. Even if you decide to accept the 10 videos for a buck, and nothing else after that.

Okay... There Is One "Catch"

If you're going to become a member of my Baseball Inner Circle, and I'd LOVE to have you in it, there are two conditions you'll have to meet.

Condition #1

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I’m 100% confident that when you try this stuff, the game will become easier, you'll win more often… and you’ll have more FUN coaching than you ever have before.

But you need to actually use these techniques in order to see the results.

I'm not trying to be mean or harsh. But the purpose of this offer is to help you achieve the success your team is capable of… and only 100 new members are allowed in each month.

So I’d prefer not to waste the slots on those who won’t actually use the information.

Condition #2

You have to be ethical and a good sport.

The techniques you’ll discover inside Baseball Inner Circle are so incredibly powerful and effective, you're going to utterly dominate some teams in your league.

So you have to promise that you'll maintain the highest standards of professionalism and sportsmanship. That means no running up the score… no showboating… and no trash talking.

If you can meet those 2 conditions, I’d be honored to have you accept these 10 videos and test drive my Inner Circle program. Simply click on the button below and you can get started immediately!

But please, don’t hesitate. My accountant thinks I'm absolutely nuts to try an offer like this... and one of my business partners has already threatened to toss me in the loony bin.

In the end, he (reluctantly) agreed to allow this offer for just 100 new members each month. Any more than that, and I could really lose my shirt.

After those slots are gone, I have no idea if or when we’ll ever make this offer again. If you come back tomorrow, the limit could be filled and the offer closed.

So don’t go back to checking your email or surfing the web. Click on the button now to claim your gift today. It could be your only chance.

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Happy Members (And Counting)

Larry Whitman

Your program is simple, but effective, and at a fair price. They helped keep us focused throughout the season and keep the kids in the game. We finished the season at 17-2 and won the championship!

Larry Whitman Cottondale, Alabama - Dixie Youth AA Champions
Jeff Katz

With your help, we went 8-0 this season. And that was with 1st and 2nd graders playing on 3rd and 4th grade level!

Jeff Katz YMCA Mad Dawgs, Glendale AZ
Luis Silva

Ever since I came across your site, I’ve had more successful practices. My players are more receptive. Practices are fun and players want to stay.

Luis Silva Lancaster, PA
Daniel Flores

I picked up a lot of great ideas since I work with kids as young as four up through high school. The kids love the drills and I enjoyed how detailed they were. All of the drills were simple and very effective. Everything was easy to remember and take to the field.

Daniel Flores Fort Worth TX Little Yankees
Bill Trevena

The drills were easy to use, simple, and well organized. Our team batting average increased by close to 100 points over the previous season!

Bill Trevena Conrad Weiser Little League, Wernersville, PA
Jason McDivitt

My team has only been together for 30 days and we played our first tournament and we were 1 game shy of going to the championship game. Nobody Expected this. I thank you for the tools you have provided me and my team.

Jason McDivitt Head Coach - 11U Travel Ball

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